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Using SSAB’s pre-hardened Toolox® steel has made it possible for Al Nasr Engineering, a steel contracting, manufacturing and service provider from the United Arab Emirates to reduce delivery times, leading to numerous new business opportunities.

Al Nasr Engineering develops and manufactures parts and equipment for projects of all sizes: from the smallest gears used in machinery to the complex fabrications used in the construction of the world’s tallest buildings.

As the UAE construction and manufacturing market is extremely competitive, it is crucial for companies such as Al Nasr to serve a wide variety of industries and maximize its competitive edge. In 2013 Al Nasr set itself apart from the competition when it started using Toolox® for making machine components.

“Unlike standard steels which first need to be machined, then sent for heat treatment and machined again, Toolox® is delivered as a pre-hardened steel that is ready to use. You machine it once and you’re done,” says Kurian Joseph, Workshop Manager, Al Nasr Engineering.

In addition to the advantage of avoiding heat treatment – as well as eliminating the risk of the distortion that can sometimes occur during this process – Al Nasr has also benefited from the high quality of Toolox® resulting in increased service life and predictable performance. Having local access to the Toolox® material and the availability of technical support from SSAB’s partner and approved Toolox® dealer, Swedish ME Steel is another key factor in Al Nasr’s success.

Joseph admits that, since choosing Toolox® as its preferred material, his company has successfully reduced its average manufacturing time by a massive 10 days compared with its competitors while offering a higher-quality finished product.

“These factors have given us a major competitive advantage, enabling us to win new orders from across a wide variety of industries, from cement to aluminum processing,” Joseph adds.

Al Nasr Engineering uses Toolox® in all kinds of machine components: Whether it’s precision components like gears and bearing houses, ground handling equipment, high-temperature wear components like slag buckets, or support tooling, Toolox® shows no compromises.

“Its performance is consistent and predictable,” concludes Joseph. 

By Isabelle Kliger Photo: Al Nasr Engineering

About Al Nasr Engineering

With more than 40 years’ experience in the United Arab Emirates construction and manufacturing sector, Al Nasr Engineering develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment and machine components. Its activities vary from construction and mechanical engineering to the fabrication of heavy steel components, as well as specialized projects related to marine engineering and oil field drilling.

Toolox® has the edge in the UAE

Toolox® benefits for Al Nasr Engineering

  • Reliability of material is crucial in the competitive UAE market
  • Ready to use pre-hardened steel reduces lead times
  • Improved reputation among end customers by offering a superior finished product




This article has been published on SSAB World magazine's issue 2/2016

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