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Customer cases KH-KIPPER designs new steel tipper body for difficult mining conditions

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KH-KIPPER - tipper body unbeatable in mines

Using elastic properties of Hardox® steel, KH-KIPPER designed a new W1M tipper body for transportation in difficult exploitation conditions in mines. 

The kinetic energy of the impact, even of rocks with considerable fraction, is perfectly absorbed.  Vehicles equipped with such a body are a perfect solution for repetitive transport cycles of the load from the place of extraction to e.g the crusher.  A new type of tipper bodies meets the requirements of customers who expect light but strong vehicles.

KH-KIPPER is the leading Polish manufacturer of tipper bodies on chassis over 12 t GVW. KH-KIPPER has been cooperating closely with SSAB for years and is an active member of Hardox® In My Body program. In 2015 as one of first three companies in the world, it joined another program - My Inner Strenx®

„The best materials such as high-strength steels that we use helped us to optimize products in terms of strength and lightness, and membership in SSAB’s brand programs enables us to improve production processes. Nearly all new KH-KIPPER products are almost completely made of Hardox® and Strenx® steels. Both steel types ensure strength and stiffness of structures with the use of thinner steel sheets. Our tipper bodies have reduced weight but improved performance, safety and durability. Many improvements would not be possible without strong and professional technical support from SSAB. We have access to the latest product know-how, workshop processes and innovative designs with the use of Hardox® and Strenx®. There are regular meetings and trainings related to welding and other steel processing techniques, where our employees from different departments can gain practical knowledge but also share our experience with SSAB’s experts. SSAB is one of our major and best suppliers and business partners”, says Andrzej Kamionka, the president of KH-KIPPER. 

A new tipper body design made with the use of wear-resistant steel Hardox® enabled to reduce the body’s weight and thus increased the tipper’s payload. A reinforced sandwich type floor is made of several millimeter Hardox® plate on top, shock-absorbing rubber layer and a third special construction layer with numerous vertical profiles withstanding the impacts of big rocks. Therefore it is possible to eliminate most of the additional elements stiffening the floor. Hardox® was selected also due to easy cutting, forming and welding with the use of traditional methods.