Customer cases Hardox® contributes to underground revolution in pipe laying

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Hardox® contributes to underground revolution in pipe laying

Corazza, a leading manufacturer of earth-moving, quarrying, mining and demolition equipment, was approached by one of its customers with a stability problem when laying pipes underground. Corazza and SSAB put their heads together and came up with an exciting innovation.

The challenge

The Italian company is recognized for its quality, technical expertise, design flexibility and production response time. Committed to product development, it works tirelessly to innovate standards for buckets, fixed and rotating crushers, mini-excavators and sand timber grapple shears.

The solution

Enter Speedy Pipe, a result of close collaboration between Corazza and SSAB. Made from extremely robust and durable Hardox® 400, the new pipe offered a solution to the unstable chains.

Thanks to the high quality of Hardox® 400, Corazza’s Speedy Pipe pipe lifter is extremely strong, robust and long lasting. Speedy Pipe can be attached to excavators weighing 5 to 60 tonnes with a loading capacity of 1.5 to 8 tonnes.

It solves stability problems, offers maximum safety in the work area and eliminates the need for labor on the ground and in the dig. This means time spent on a job is reduced by 50% — a tangible benefit no other competitor is able to offer.

Over the past five years, Corazza’s purchase of Hardox® has doubled. The entire Hardox® product range is used for different applications, in thicknesses spanning 6 to 100 mm.

Emanuele Loperfido, sales manager at Corazza, says “Thanks to Hardox®, our brand is known all over the world. If I had it my way, everything would be made from Hardox®!”

Customer benefits

  • Labor time reduced by 50%
  • Stability problems solved and safety maximized in the work area
  • The company obtained a new product, more business and global brand recognition