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Duroxite® Overlay for Extreme Durability

Duroxite® overlay products are designed for your most extreme wear situations targeting abrasion, impact, heat, metal-to-metal and erosion wear.

Duroxite® fights wear guaranteed, with its unique guaranteed wear properties down to 75% of the overlay thickness.

Duroxite® fights wear, guaranteed

Duroxite® comes with guarantees that are unique to the overlay market.
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Duroxite® fights wear, guaranteed

Duroxite® comes with guarantees that are unique for the overlay market. Duroxite® overlay products are delivered with an overlay thickness guaranteed within +10%. When you order ¼” overlay on ¼” base plate, you are guaranteed an overlay thickness of ¼” within +10%. This is consistent throughout the plate and from plate to plate.  

Further, consistent wear properties are guaranteed throughout the plate down to 75% of the overlay thickness as opposed to just the surface of the overlay. The remaining 25% of overlay is the transition layer necessary to maintain good bonding to the base plate.

Duroxite guarantees

Duroxite® in fabrication

Duroxite® is designed to be hard, without giving you a hard time in the workshop.
Excellent formability

Duroxite® in fabrication

Duroxite weldingDuroxite® is designed to be hard without giving you a hard time in the workshop. No special equipment is needed to install Duroxite®. Welding, bolting and stud welding are the common methods for installing Duroxite® wear parts or overlay plate onto your equipment. For more information on installation, see Duroxite® brochure.

One of Duroxite®’s key benefits is its excellent formability due to a staggered cracking pattern on the overlay surface. This simplifies bending of the plate and ensures a smooth flow of the processed materials

Duroxite®,The latest in overlay Technology

Meet the expert: Duroxite® in applications

Customer cases

Open pit copper mining

Service life increased
Customer case

Open pit copper mining


Application: Electric shovel

Wear part: Liner package with Duroxite® plate for the most abrasive area

Purpose: Increase payload and service life

Type of wear: Sliding wear and some impact

Benefit: Service life increased by 56% with Duroxite® liner compared to AR 600 liners

Surface mining

Extended wear life compared to castings
Customer case

Surface mining


Application: Dragline, front shovel and back hoe buckets

Wear part: Weld-on lip shrouds and vertical jaw shrouds made from Duroxite® 201

Purpose: Moves earth and minerals

Type of wear: Impact and abrasion


  • Custom fabricated to fit Hardox® base plate with solid double-pass Duroxite® overlay
  • Eliminates loose fit common to castings
  • Eliminates downtime due to breakage frequently found with castings
  • Extended wear life compared to castings
  • Short lead times for maintenance
  • More efficient

Coal mining

Notable reduction in down time
Customer case

Coal mining


Application: Coal discharge chute

Wear part: Chute liner made of Duroxite® 101

Purpose: Discharges coal into storage bins or stockpiles

Type of wear: Abrasion and impact


  • Increased wear life from 7 days to 6 months over previous design using overlay on mild steel
  • No failure due to impact
  • Notable reduction in down time