The sign of quality

The brand program membership Hardox In My Body® and My Inner Strenx® is for you who produce top of the line products made out of Hardox® wear plate or Strenx® performance steel. By being part of our program, it enables you to increase value of your products by communicating to your customers that you are using premium ingredients in your products. It also increases the second hand value since each product with the sign attached is  traceable and can secure the origin, making a guarantee for your customers and the second hand buyer. Moreover, for our valued members, we offer prioritized technical and marketing support among other services. We support and grow together with each of our members to secure a leading position. In all industries.

93 % 

of our members are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the marketing support they receive as a member 


The majority of our members experience
distinct improvements
in their sales after becoming member