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5 Apr
Innovative bale clamp for forklift wins Hardox Wearparts® Award
French Hardox Wearparts® center Barou Equipements SAS wins 2018 Hardox Wearparts® Award from SSAB.
29 Mar
SSAB joins the DIMECC Intelligent Industry Ecosystem network
Intelligent Industry is a new innovative ecosystem which brings together leading Finnish actors in the manufacturing industry and digital services providers. SSAB has joined the network in order to develop its business model for the distribution of information in the value chain and to link up with similar international initiatives.
28 Mar
Untapped potential for high-strength steels in agriculture
The face of agriculture has changed tremendously over the past 20 years or so. Average farm sizes have increased and agriculture has become more intensive. This in turn means tractors and other agricultural machinery have become increasingly larger and inevitably also heavier.